Registered Classes

“Yoga Foundations” Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm, back in the fall

A six week series to break it all down and build it all back upIMG_20171126_154844_624

Yoga is for EVERYbody!

Feeling too inflexible, a bit apprehensive or slightly intimidated to start yoga? This 6 week “Yoga Foundations” series will provide you with the information, body alignment techniques and yoga class experience needed to not only feel confident dropping into other classes, but also to give you a good dose of how incredible a yoga practice can make you feel! Whether your body sits, stands, runs, bikes, hikes…it is made for yoga, and your body will thank you!

This series will be light-hearted, fun and informative. Week by week we will build upon what we learn to eventually put together a full 60 minute yoga class that will leave you feeling capable, healthy and empowered. Good tunes, good vibes and great people in our beautiful little Village yoga studio.

Perfect for the complete beginner, for those that have taken a “yoga break”, or for those wanting to fine-tune an existing practice. We hope to see you in the studio!



“Restorative Yoga”  Mondays at 7:30-8:45pm, back in the fall

A FOUR week series to relax and reconnect – invite your body and mind into a state of ease


Join Taylor as she guides you through an evening of calm, supported relaxation. Restorative Yoga is a slow, quiet practice which invites the body and mind into a complete state of ease. We will gently move through a sequence of 5-6 poses held for 5-10 minutes each, fully supported by props (bolsters, pillows, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows). The props are used to help us fully relax and release, there is no muscular contraction required – we are resting ourselves into a state of health. The duration of time held in the poses allows the healing effects to reach all of our nerves and organs – rejuvenating the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.



We will explore the physiological & neurological benefits of the postures, as well as the energetic effects of this style of practice. We will learn the true nature of relaxation and begin to experience it in a safe environment. There will be mindful compassion meditations as well as grounding techniques.