Registered Classes


“Restorative Yoga”  Wednesdays at 7:30-8:45pm, Starts September 19th

A SIX week series to relax and reconnect – invite your body and mind into a state of ease


Join Taylor as she guides you through an evening of calm, supported relaxation. Restorative Yoga is a slow, quiet practice which invites the body and mind into a complete state of ease. We will gently move through a sequence of 5-6 poses held for 5-10 minutes each, fully supported by props (bolsters, pillows, blankets, blocks, straps, eye pillows). The props are used to help us fully relax and release, there is no muscular contraction required – we are resting ourselves into a state of health. The duration of time held in the poses allows the healing effects to reach all of our nerves and organs – rejuvenating the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.



We will explore the physiological & neurological benefits of the postures, as well as the energetic effects of this style of practice. We will learn the true nature of relaxation and begin to experience it in a safe environment. There will be mindful compassion meditations as well as grounding techniques.




Yoga and Meditation – Thursdays 7:00pm-8:15pm, Starts Sep 20th

An EIGHT week series to settle into body and mind…

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This class will comprise of a 45min moderate vinyasa flow element to root you into your body followed by a deeply nourishing 25min meditation. Through the asana we will prepare and open the body to sit for a guided meditation exploring a variety of themes and practices to soothe the nervous system and support your well being.


Restore Your Core: A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Group Exercise Class



A pelvic health physiotherapy assessment + 6 week pelvic health exercise class designed to help support new mamas to get re-acquainted with their postpartums selves! This class is appropriate for mothers of all ages and stages!

I am offering a small group class designed to help women safely return to exercise after pregnancy and childbirth. It starts with an individual pelvic health physio consult so that if you have a diagnosed condition such as diastasis rectus abdominus, pelvic organ prolapse, or urinary incontinence, we can accommodate your individual needs in a group setting.

This class is unique because its not just a group exercise, personal training or yoga class and its not an individual physiotherapy session, but somewhere in between. Learn the capacities you need to take better care of your whole self during this period of life transitions.

This is a pre-registered series of 6 weekly classes held at Cumberland Physio and Yoga. Tuesday mornings from 10:30am-11:45am OR Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:45pm class (provided minimum enrolment is met) starting Oct 2nd to Nov 6th. The total cost for the program is $200.

Initial consult’s will be booked prior to 1st group class (I will call you to book an appointment after you have signed up for the class). This class is run by Lindsay Ishoy, a registered physiotherapist who has specific training and experience in pelvic floor women’s health physiotherapy and yoga therapy. We can provide receipts that can be submitted to health benefit plans for reimbursement if you have physiotherapy coverage.

The classes will be 75 minutes in length. We will meet up within the week before classes to do a one on one pelvic health physiotherapy assessment. The first class will include education and the beginnings steps of breath, pelvic floor and core work. We will progress through yoga based breath and functional exercises in different positions to improve the strength and co-ordination of all the muscles associated with your core. Each exercise will have different variations to make sure everyone is challenged while moving and breathing well. Everyone will be sent off with a set of challenging home program to continue on their own.


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