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Jennifer Eaton – Slow Flow Blissology

I am a mother, an artist, an outdoor adventurer and a Blissology-inspired Yoga Instructor living in the village of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. I love climbing rocks, riding bikes, and hiking mountains. I love movement that makes me feel alive, especially movement in wild, inspiring places. I value opportunities that allow for growth. I find these opportunities in nature, on my yoga mat, and in life in general.
My yoga journey started more as a means to improve my rock climbing abilities; to infuse more strength and flexibility into my climbing. As yoga does, when you commit time towards the practice, the many layers of positive health outcomes started to show up in my daily life and help with so much more than I had originally expected. My yoga practice gives me an opportunity to check in with myself; to learn and grow through challenge and simply being with whatever is that day.
In the Spring of 2016 I travelled to Bali to study and train with Eoin Finn, and the Blissology Yoga crew. I completed my 200hr YTT with Blissology in 2016. In the summer of 2016 I completed an advanced training with Eoin Finn in Tofino called “Yogic By Nature”. We dove deep into yoga philosophy, connection with the natural world and meditation techniques. I was invited back to Bali in the Spring of 2017 to complete my “Blissology YTT Assistant” certificate. This was an incredible experience, as I helped teach and assist with the 200hr Blissology training and next group of graduates. In the summer of 2017 I had the pleasure of assisting Eoin at Wanderlust in Whistler.
I am so excited to be able to spread these teachings and amazing vibes throughout our community here in Cumberland. Classes will be open to all levels of experience. Beginners are always welcome. We keep it real, we connect, we learn and we grow. Hope to see you in the studio!

Elyse Archer – Move with Breath

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My name is Elyse Archer, and I’m a grateful Yogi who is passionate about love and connection. I am a human who has devoted her life to healing and consciousness development through multiple avenues and modalities. I believe once we are able to heal and come into our oneness individually, we extend that growth to the collective, the one interconnected consciousness. My goal is to love all parts of myself and inspire others to graciously join me. I want to illuminate all humanity with breath and unconditional acceptance through yoga as a union, the way I interpret this life practice. I consciously move my breathe through my body, tethering it to movement and allowing it to ground and support me to this magical earth.

I am a wild creature who is always looking to explore life “outside the box” and leave no rocks unturned. My fierce determination to investigate “WHO AM I?” led me to yoga in my late teenage years.  My self-exploration and creative nature as a youth, sometimes led me down troubled roads, an important element of my individual process. Thankfully, my ability to bounce back never faltered. Drugs, alcohol, and plant medicine have been a part of my unwavering self-exploration and curriculum over the years. Without this deep curiosity, I wouldn’t be at a place of integrated healing along my path of self-realization and discovery. I’ve learned that all parts of myself are here to be loved. Along my journey I’ve found that voice, to speak to these parts of the Self, not pushing anything away.

In my yoga practice, I soon found that sitting with myself, was the surest way to truly know who I was. Meditation had been a constant in my life and I use Pranayama, the ancient Vedic practice of breath, to tether me to the now, this moment, where the magic lies. A part of my lifelong curriculum is the unveiling of all illusions, which otherwise, would keep me stuck and unsure of my truth.


Chandra Bailey – Yoga Flow into Meditation

IMG_6691 (2)Chandra has been teaching yoga for over 15 years. She holds a BA in Phys. Ed. and has had the privilege of studying with many great teachers including Chris Chavez. For the past 8 years she has been under the ongoing tutelage of Parvathi Nanda Nath in the oldest of Yogic Sciences: the Sri Vidya Tantra Lineage. Chandra bring an honest and playful approach to the profound intelligence of these teachings, encouraging you to show up as you are and to honour those deep conversations with the Self. She will guide you to those doorways and through the ancient Tantra Practices, introduce you to a new dialogue of the heart, a new dance with the self.

When not teaching yoga she may be found howling under a full moon, cruising the used bookstore aisles for her muses, or sitting by a fire on the beach with some cheap red wine and the psalms of Coltrane on her headphones.


This class will comprise of a 45min intermediate vinyasa flow element to root you into your body followed by a deeply nourishing 25min meditation. Through the asana we will prepare and open the body to sit for a guided meditation exploring a variety of themes and practices to soothe the nervous system and support your well being. Some yoga experience recommended for this moderate to intermediate practice.

To register please contact chandi.lynn@gmail.com or call 778-828-2240 for more info

Yin and Restorative with Taylor Cascanette

Taylor is a Yoga Instructor who is finding her roots in Cumberland. She grew up in the beautiful outdoor recreation hub of Squamish, and it was there where she began her practice of Yoga. She explored her practice outdoors, surrounded by the mountains, and discovered tranquility. Her curiosity of Yoga brought her to study in India, Thailand, Bali and close by on Texada Island. In her travels, she has developed a passion for mindful movements combined with breath awareness.
Her experience with yoga has been transformative, helping her overcome anxiety and develop a strong sense of mindfulness. She hopes to share the opportunity for others to heal not only their bodies, but also their minds. Taylor will guide you through a practice – by integrating movement, stillness, strength and flexibility. She also brings insights of meditation, body awareness and yogic philosophy. If you are interested in the balance of physical and mental well being, then she can surely help you find what you need.

Lindsay Ishoy – Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy


Hello, my name is Lindsay. I am a licensed physiotherapist, registered yoga teacher, professional yoga therapy candidate and self professed health promoter.  My focus has always been to inspire, educate and empower my patients to take better care of themselves and discover healthier ways of living. Through my own learning journey, my understanding and approach to health has evolved but has certainly stayed true to this mission.

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