move WITH breath …

e yoga 28I adore mobility, flexibility and breath work through Vinyasa practice. My focus is on motivating you to drop into your true state of oneness, by weaving your breath into your movement. The practice I humbly share, is one consisting of fluidity through asanas, while being aware of breath in your physical body. I draw careful attention to the expansion of the thoracic lungs and mobility of the diaphragm. My ultimate goal is to hold space for you to be one with your breath, while you gracefully flow through your practice.

I share these revelations through careful guidance and suggestion while I lead asana and breath classes, as I believe yoga is more than a physical practice. My approach is open, loving, and understanding. Wherever you are in your journey, is exactly where you are meant to be. I am here to hold space and possibly allow you to expand and open to meet yourself there through movement.

I am grateful to have trained with wonderful teachers in Vinyasa and Pranayama which have given me practical knowledge and deeper understanding of physical movement and muscle development in our bodies. The careful understanding of how prana expands and moves in our physical forms, is where I tend to draw special attention in hopes for us to deeply connect to our breath. From this place, we can simply sit and watch in an easeful meditative space. My hope is for you to leave with a blissful state, and a higher understanding of your capacity for peace, guided through your breath.