Yoga Therapy

Invest in your long term health, your journey to wellbecoming…

Sometimes the class setting isn’t ideal for everyone. There are all sorts of reasons that one on one yoga might be more suited to your needs. I am happy to see clients for private yoga therapy sessions.

EXPLORE…New to yoga?  Class or studio setting not ideal for you?



Learn the fundamentals of yoga postures, breath and meditation in a safe and nurturing environment with one-on-one quality care.  This individualized approach is tailored to your current health picture and your future intentions. Once you are set up, you will feel supported to continue with therapeutic yoga classes, or the self practice space. And opportunities to progress when you feel ready.


DEEPEN…Ready to take your yoga to a new level?


Develop a home yoga practice to suit your individual needs. Whether you are an athlete looking to cross train, a weekend mountain warrior, wanting to get more out of your favourite activities, or someone looking for physical activity in your life that you truly enjoy.  This could be the edge you need to feel energized, recover more quickly and take your training, performance and health to the next level.

RECOVER…are you held back by an injury, old or new?


Using yoga as therapy is helpful in rehabilitating the whole body back to health in a safe and nurturing way.  You get the best of physio and yoga as treatments to encourage healing. Learn how to heal, learn how to move, and discover what your body can do for you.

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