*** Please Note: I am excited to be returning to work in September 2021!! I will be updating my website in the meantime. Thanks for your patience. Head over to my contact page to send me a note if you want to connect in the meantime! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


I am a physiotherapist that integrates yoga into my practice. I approach each patient as an individual in order to help guide them to meet their health goals.  I spend quality time 1:1 with patients and do a thorough medical history and assessment.  Based on this, the best therapeutic treatment is determined to reach your goals.  Patients can expect to leave with an individualized home program that they can work on independently until their follow up.  This will be updated as needed based on the individual and their goals.  I do not promise to fix anyone, but I do promise to work with any motivated person as a guide and support to help reach their full health potential.

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