Meet Lindsay

Hello, my name is Lindsay. I am a licensed physiotherapist, registered yoga teacher, professional yoga therapy candidate and self professed health promoter.

I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy in 2005.  I have been a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association since I started studying in the profession in 2001. I have had a broad range of experience working in both public and private health settings. I started my career working for hospitals in acute care, general medicine and neurological rehab. I then moved to private practice and have worked at two sports medicine and orthopaedic clinics treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, post operative rehabilitation and return to sport training. I have taken advanced post graduate training in many areas, including:  Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), acupuncture, manual therapy, pelvic health and advanced core stabilization.

I initially ventured into the yoga studio about five years ago to see what all the fuss was about but couldn’t have predicted the effects this would have on my life and career going forward. I discovered an immediate complementary synergy between my science based background as a physiotherapist and the art of yoga I was exploring. My interest in understanding alignment, breath and core as a physio treating a lot of low back pain, was immediately heightened through yoga. On a personal level, yoga had an incredible effect on healing my own body. I had begrudgingly come to accept the many aches and pains I had as a result of playing sports in my youth, that despite my physio background I didn’t know how to address. My exploration of yoga as therapy started to overflow into my treatments almost instantly, and in order to delve deeper, I travelled to India to learn more.

I completed my yoga teacher training in Goa, India in 2011.  It was an intense, immersive 30 days of eating, breathing, sleeping, (chanting, meditating, cleansing, reading, studying, moving…) everything yoga. Experiencing yoga from its origins, surrounded by the rich and stimulating Indian culture, is an introduction I will always cherish.  ( 

Becoming a registered yoga teacher was another important step and yoga has become a growing and integral part of my approach to physiotherapy ever since. 

Lindsay-7698Currently I am studying to complete my certification of Professional Yoga Therapy – a post-graduate international program which certifies licensed health care professionals in medical therapeutic yoga.  It is a one of a kind yoga therapy training program that insists on bringing academic medical knowledge and the professional ethical and safety standards into clinical practice.  (  Among many other things, this program applies the evidence base in medicine and rehabilitation to yoga in order to emerge with a new paradigm for therapeutic evaluation and management.  The founder of the program, Ginger Garner ( is a pioneer in both physical therapy and yoga and a visionary for healthcare reform in the United States.

My focus has always been to inspire, educate and empower my patients to take better care of themselves and discover healthier ways of living.  Through my own learning journey, my understanding and approach to health has evolved but has certainly stayed true to this mission.  My background as a physiotherapist has given me a solid foundational understanding of the body, as well as the clinical skills required for treatments such as IMS needling.  The added synergy of yoga practices such as breath, movement and meditation offer a more holistic and integrated approach to medicine and optimum health.  I am committed to offering a high quality service and because of this I have moved away from the fast pace clinical setting that is (unfortunately) the industry standard for physiotherapy services.  I spend a full hour one on one with patients in order to meet individuals where they are at and better help them achieve their health potential.

Outside of work, I enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle.  I love spending time outdoors; hiking, cycling, growing food and cooking it.  I have a regular yoga practice that encompasses all aspects from breath, meditation and asana, to morals, ethics and social responsibility. I spend lots of time in the mountains, and I consider this some of the best possible therapy.  The further I can venture into the backcountry, on skis in the winter and by foot in the summer, the louder my heart sings.  This past July and August, I spent 60 days thru hiking the Canadian portion of the Great Divide Trail from Waterton to Jasper.  This epic 1000km walkabout journey taught me a lot about life as well as myself, and left me feeling a renewed sense of inspiration towards life.  

I have recently relocated from Calgary to the Comox Valley.  I am very excited to explore the outdoors in my new backyard, and get to know my new community of Cumberland.

Since 2010, I have also spent my time volunteering and being an engaged alumni with the Leadership Calgary program (  This mutual learning community continues to have a profound effect on my thinking, learning and caring, in my work and in the broader context of life.