Meet Lindsay

Lindsay-7698Hello, my name is Lindsay. I am a licensed physiotherapist, registered yoga teacher, professional yoga therapy candidate and self professed health promoter.  My focus has always been to inspire, educate and empower my patients to take better care of themselves and discover healthier ways of living. Through my own learning journey, my understanding and approach to health has evolved but has certainly stayed true to this mission.


Lindsay-7858To me wellbecoming means that our health and our existence as a human being is a process, not a product.  We can learn, adapt and choose how to live in healthier ways.  I want to be part of supporting and guiding that change towards wellbecoming in my patients and in our larger community. I continue to explore everyday, learning about health, how to live well and how to help guide others on their own journey. I am committed to providing the best quality care and strive to push the boundaries of standard practice of both physiotherapy and yoga.